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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a membership cost? As an inexperienced new member, you first become a recreational member. You get to know the sport and club during training and activities. You pay €90 for this membership. If you have more experience, you can join the competition team, the same contribution applies (€90) but you also pay association costs (~€77).

I have no experience, what now? That does not matter! About 35% of the association has already gained experience in the past, the rest of the members started just like you because they thought it would be fun. Within a year you can generally move on to the competition team.

What kind of clothes should I wear to training? As a recreational member you can simply wear normal sportswear. In terms of shoes, it is nice to wear studs for grip. However, this is not necessary! If you are in the competition team, it is highly recommended because we play on clay instead of grass. In the competition team you also need a uniform, but your teammates can tell you more about this in due course

What is the difference between baseball and softball? There are 5 major differences: 1. Size of the ball. A baseball is the size of a tangerine and is white. A softball is the size of an orange and is bright yellow. 2. Size of the field. The bases are 27 meters apart in baseball, while softball bases are 18 meters away. 3. Way of pitching. Baseball players pitch overhand from a 'mound'. Softball pitchers stand "level" and throw underhand. 4. Base stealing moment. In baseball you can let go of the base almost at any time, in softball this is only allowed when the pitcher has released the ball. 5. Competition duration. Baseball has the golden rule of playing 9 innings. This means that both parties attack and defend 9 times. In softball, 7 innings are played.

I have no materials, what now? Don't worry, as a recreational member you can borrow all the materials (bats, gloves, balls) you need from us. If you want to play matches, it is nice to buy your own glove and wear shoes with studs. Your teammates can give you tips about this.

Besides training, do you also do fun things together? Of course! In any case, we have a drink in sports café The Yard after almost every recreational training session. We also always have a drink in our local café once a month (the 3rd Tuesday). The activities committee also organizes a fun (sports) activity for the members once a month, including a members weekend at the end of the year. Ideas often come up within the teams to chill out with each other between companies. So there is always something to do!

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