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Beginners course

Did you always enjoy batting and softball in gym? Or do you ever follow MLB games in America? Do you ever think: "Huh, what happens now?"

Then come and take a look at the softball beginners course offered by the RSC! Here you will learn in ~8 weeks the essential elements you need to play, such as hitting, throwing, catching, but also the positions and common rules.

We give this course twice a year: from September to October (period 1) and again in May and June (period 5). The course is always on Tuesdays from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM on field 3. After each training session we can be found in sports café The Yard for a drink to get to know everyone better and discuss the weekend.

Do you like this? Register for the Radboud Sport & Cultuur Softball course!

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