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Baseball and/or softball is often associated with high school, many people have often played this in gym. In general, there are 2 types of people: the people who hated it and the people who loved it! We offer tailor-made clinics for both groups, whether it concerns processing a trauma or reliving your youth.

We are a close-knit association and consist of 80% students. Our association also has 2 types of people: people who used to love gym but have no experience and people who have been playing baseball/softball since they were little. But because we have all lost our hearts to this beautiful sport, we are also eager to inspire others to do so.

You can come to us with all kinds of groups: primary school, secondary school, company outing, bachelor party, groups of friends or other (sports) clubs. We also provide clinics to people with a (visual) disability. Everyone is welcome and, if necessary, we will adjust the clinic slightly so that it fully meets your wishes.

On average, a clinic lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. During the clinic you will learn the basics of the sport (throwing, catching, hitting, positions) and we conclude with a fun competition. Depending on the group size, there will be 2 or more supervisors present. The clinic can take place on location or on our premises after consultation. We also provide you with all the materials you need :)

If you are interested in a clinic, please let us know. The price and specific wishes can be discussed. Send an email to

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